23 Nov, 2018

SportyBet offers numerous bonuses in their market to entice bettors to continue betting with the site. SportyBet’s bonus information is available at their main site where one is required to click on the promotions button to access the info. Otherwise visit SportyBet’s promotion and bonus page directly at

SportyBet Karibu Gifts bonus

SportyBet Karibu Gift bonus is an offer meant for exclusively new Sportybet customers which gives the newbie punters an opportunity to win up to Ksh.1000 discount gifts on first deposit.

The SportyBet Karibu Gift bonus is classified into four categories which are plan A, plan B, plan C and plan D representing gifts upon first deposit of Ksh.50, Ksh.100, Ksh.200 and Ksh.300 respectively. The total value of SportyBet Karibu Gifts bonuses for plans A, B, C, D are Ksh.150, Ksh.300, Ksh.600 and Ksh.1000 respectively with the plans being effected within 6days, 7days, 10days, and 12days in the same order of plan A, plan B, plan C and plan D.

Each account can claim only one SportyBet Karibu Gifts bonus and punters can check their gifts status anytime in their “gifts” account. In the “gifts” account you can also find stake requirement on each gift and gift discount offered upon using a higher stake than a certain amount.

Some additional essential requirements in the SportyBet Karibu Gift bonus offer entail:

  • SportyBet Karibu Gifts bonus can only be used for "Sports" Betting and only one gift can be used in one bet slip.
  • To attain the SportyBet Karibu Gifts bonus, placed bets must have Selections with Odds greater than 3.15.

SportyBet BEST ODDS promotion

SportyBet BEST ODDS promotion looks forward to promoting betting on UEFA Champions League and English Premier league by boosting the odds of the two leagues.

SportyBet BEST ODDS promotion looks forward to promoting betting on UEFA Champions League and English Premier league by boosting the odds of the two leagues.

SportyBet Rafiki Gifts bonus

The SportyBet Rafiki Gifts bonus is available for already registered users after they successfully refer new customers onto the platform. The referee is entitled to a bonus amount of Ksh.150 and the referred user receives Ksh.50 under the SportyBet Rafiki Gifts bonus offer program.

To attain the bonus, the referred individual at SportyBet must place a total amount of Stakes with all Odds of 2.0 or above which account for a total of KES 1,000 or more and the events can be placed at different times. SportyBet Rafiki Gifts bonus is credited to user’s accounts only for settled bets. Only new customers can be referred for one to earn the SportyBet Rafiki Gifts bonus and upon fulfillment of the conditions for the referee to earn the SportyBet Rafiki Gifts bonus, the referred individual will also be awarded Ksh.50.

There is no limit on the number of friends one can refer and the SportyBet Rafiki Gifts bonus is only valid for seven days from the day it was awarded.

SportyBet Super bonus

SportyBet Super bonus is a multiple bonus boost of 135% on multiple bets placed at SportyBet. SportyBet Super bonus offer applies to all events, as well as all markets of sports and live betting with 4 or more selections having odds of 1.2 or higher. In the case of cashout, the bonus won’t be awarded when the user does a full cashout however on the bases of a partial cashout, the bonus amount is calculated depending on remaining active stake.

SportyBet Super bonus offer is the highest bonus offer in Kenya with its return value at 135% and the bonuses being calculated based on a number of events the punter stakes on.

The SportyBet Super bonus offer also takes care of the postponement of a match or events thus the bonus will still apply, but the odds will be calculated as 1.0. For example: If a player chooses 6-Folds, with 6 odds such as 1.54, 2.3, 1.15, 2.0, 12.0, 2.12 and the stake is 100, then the bonus will be: 100*(1.54*2.3*1.15*2*12*2.12)*10%. When the last selection is void, the bonus will be 100*(1.54*2.3*1.15*2*12*1)*5%, the bonus rate also changes from 10% to 5% because there are only 4 selections' odds higher than 1.2 now.

SportyBet App download bonus

Users are awarded Ksh.50 upon successful download and set up on SportyBet Mobile application.

Users are awarded Ksh.50 upon successful download and set up on SportyBet Mobile application.

SportyBet Deposit chargeback bonus

SportyBet Deposit chargeback bonus offer is credited by SportyBet team with the sole aim of making compensation on the cash charged by mobile services providers during depositing money to SportyBet account. The SportyBet Deposit chargeback bonus works for deposits of values above Ksh.250 and this is another way of promoting “FREE DEPOSITS” feature. For instance, if the charge by the mobile service providers for depositing Ksh.500 is Ksh.40, the amount reflecting on user’s SportyBet account would be Ksh.540.

SportyBet Jackpot bonus

SportyBet has an easy jackpot offer of 12 games and the introduction of the SportyBet Jackpot bonus is an additional flavor to punters staking on SportyBet’s jackpot.

The SportyBet Jackpot bonus is awarded to winners who make correct predictions of 10 and 11 events out of the 12 events availed by the bookmaker.

SportyBet Thank you bonus

SportyBet Thank you bonus offer is awarded to regular and constant SportyBet customers as a way of appreciating their loyalty. To be eligible for SportyBet Thank you bonus offer, you just need to visit their site and place a bet at least once per week.


SportyBet is the second well-known bookmaker for its crazy bonus offers and promotion strategies that are after 1XBet which is the market leader on bonuses. Unfortunately, SportyBet bonuses are not fixed thus they change at times depending on the latest state of the betting industry. Thus at times punters may visit the bookmaker’s “Promotion and bonus” page and find some of the offers temporarily closed.