Sport betting

Sport betting

05 Feb, 2019

If you like sports, know your business well and follow the latest news from the world of competitions, then why not use your knowledge when betting on the outcomes of certain events? It adds a spark and completely new emotions to watching a match of your favorite sport and it doesn’t matter where you are: in a bar with friends, at home, in a stadium or tennis match! You do not even have to spend time on the hike bookmaker to make a bet, everything has long been available online.

Players betting on sports are called bettors, and the betting process is called betting.

How to bet on sports? Instructions for beginners.

Many players leave too early from betting due to the fact that they are afraid of losing or have already lost an impressive amount of money. Therefore, before you make your first bet, determine the amount you are willing to lose, this is a very important psychological moment in betting: there will always be a thought in your head that this money could be spent more wisely or go to a more profitable business.

Also accept the fact that stakes are not a panacea for financial illnesses and lead to short-term enrichment, betting is an occupation that will take several hours a day, like any other job. You have to analyze a huge flow of information and statistical data and use strategies. Imagine how your interest in viewing your favorite events will increase. An important detail, start with a sport that you understand better than the rest, it will reduce your chance of losing.

Do not let your emotions take over the mind! I can assume that you have a favorite team, this does not mean that you have to bet solely on it, regardless of the circumstances, also do not touch the matches with a team you don’t know anything about - the bank will be empty in a flash. For me, the most important advice will be that you should not give in to the opinions of others, act solely by your own rules and strategies.

One of the cognitive distortions that beginners and even experienced players suffer from is the idea that a losing series tends to end quickly, they bet and bet, hoping to win back the lost amount in one day. Do not do this! Walk, relax, find more suitable matches and carry out a more detailed analysis, you can do it in an hour or two, a day or even a week, do not rush.

Types of bets and highlights.

Bets - the amount for which you bet with the bookmaker on certain conditions, depending on these conditions, the following types of bets are distinguished:

Single bets

Single bets - you choose one event and put money on it, if you guess the outcome of the event correctly, you get the amount multiplied by the coefficient, if you have not guessed it - you lose the full amount, there are also bets with safety net, for example, bets on total over/under, for example : you bet that there will be more than 3 goals in a match, if there are exactly 3, then your bet is calculated with an odd of 0, that is, you get back the amount of money you have paid.

Here are some varieties of single bets:

  • “Ordinary” - bet on the only outcome of the match
  • "Total" - a bet on the number of goals from one or two teams in a certain period of time
  • “Double Chance” - bet on two of the three possible outcomes of the match

Group bets

Group bets — this is a type of betting, where you bet on several events at the same time, and also select the conditions of patency.

“Accumulator” - With this type of stake, you choose several events, the result of which you want to predict, if all predictions are correct - you get money equal to the sum of the bet multiplied by the multiplied event coefficients, if at least one of them is wrong - you lose the money.

“System” - this type of betting includes several «accumulators”, each of which includes the same number of events. If you have not guessed any event in the «mini-accumulators”, then there is a chance that the rest of the accumulators will be successful, and you will get a plus.

Accumulator is better to do two or three events, for a larger number of better use the "system".

Strategies that will suit beginners.

Long term. They are implemented on the basis of statistical data, such strategies are implemented long before the start of matches, the risk is minimal, as favorites rarely lose to obvious outsiders. Also, you can get a profit here due to an underestimated or overvalued event or long before leveling the lines by the bookmaker.

Pre-match. You bet before the very beginning of the event, based on the data you have, for example, the “Hallways” strategy is popular. You choose one event and 2 bets are placed on it at two different bookmakers. As a result, you can not go into a minus, but ideally - earn in the long term.

Live. If you decide to bet directly during a match, then try the “Catch-up” strategy, its essence is that you bet on the same event until the desired outcome occurs, that is, you catch up with it. Be careful, with such a strategy, the highest chances of losing your bank.

If you are just starting to understand the stakes, long-term strategies will suit you, as they carry minimal risks and give you more time to think.


Summing up, let's say that sports bets are both profitable and high-risk occupation. Carefully consider the choice of the game strategy and the initial size of the bank, train your mind and temper your character. Remember that in the long run there will be big wins and big losses, so you shouldn’t be too happy and grieve too much, but tune in to make profit in the long run.