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What is Likebets?

Likebets is a social gaming platform in which you can place sports bets on real matches that are played across the whole world. On likebets you can earn Likebets coins(BETcoins), which you can spend in our Shop or buy tickets in draws for przies, get free tips/predictions, climb leaderboards or learn and practice betting on sports.

Can I win real money with Likebets?

No. Likebets uses only virtual currency (BETcoins) and we don’t allow real money gambling but we offer prizes and promo codes from bookmakers.

What are BETcoins?

Betcoins are our platforms virtual currency that is used to place bets, play jackpot, buy items in shop and tickets for draws.

My balance is almost exhausted, what can I do?

You can always complete free offers(Register and make a deposit) from our sponsors in order to earn Betcoins. Also you get Betcoins just for visiting our website(your rewards increase with your level).

How do I level up?

You level up when you earn enough experience (XP) from each level. You earn XP when you visit our website , place bets, taking part in Daily Challenge and competing other tasks. You can find daily tasks in your profile.

My question isn’t answered here

Please use live chat or write us directly at and a member of our team will gladly assist you.