27 Nov, 2018

Mozzart Bet Bonus 1000%

Mozzart Bet Bonus 1000% allows bettors using the platform to earn percentage bonuses from 2% to 750% in normal time and from 2% to 1000% during happy hour.


Each Mozzart Bet Bonus 1000% is paid depending on the number of selections the punter has chosen, time of betting that’s depending on whether it’s happy hours or normal hours and finally depending on betting means that’s whether SMS or Mozzart Bet’s official site www.Mozzart Mozzart Bet Bonus 1000% Happy at the Mozzart Bet shops run between 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. 


Additionally on and SMS the happy hour runs from 6:00 am to 8:00 am and 11:00 pm to 1:00 Am. MozartBet participants are entitled to earn the Mozzart Bet Bonus 1000% if the odds for the selected matches are greater than 1.35. The minimum number of matches on a bet slip is 4 during normal time and 3 during happy hour.

Mozzart Bet Pesa Mkononi promotion

Mozzart Bet Pesa Mkononi promotion program although not a bonus program, it allows punters to enjoy free deposits and withdrawals at Mozzart Bet shops.


To deposit, one needs to visit one of Mozzart Bet’s physical premises Identify the shop number and Deposit or Withdraw cash instantly.


Depositing will need the help of Mozzart Bet cashiers who are very available at the shops. To withdraw, visit a Mozzart Bet shop, and SMS By sending the command of the format  R#5000#2789 #4556 to 29990; Where  R is the command to withdraw, 5000 is the amount to be withdrawn, 2789 is the shop ID 4556 is you pin code.

Mozzart Bet TUCHEZE ( Facebook and Twitter Promotion)

This bonus offer looks forward to promoting Mozzart Bet’s contact with clients as punters are rewarded for predicting the outcomes of events via Mozzart’s social media pages that’s Facebook and twitter.


Each Week Mozzart Bet features 6 games to be played as a multi bet based on the Targeted market that week courtesy of Mozzart Bet TUCHEZE ( Facebook and Twitter) Promotion. For example Week 1 Halftime Full time, Week 2 Correct scores, Week 3 Mozzart combinations and so on. Every week Tucheze will have the last name of the week’s market.


To participate, one is required to like Mozzart’s page that’s social media pages; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then the punter should proceed to comment with their selections of the outcome of the posted games. First Four followers with the correct prediction will be awarded free bets worth Ksh.50 which is credited into their Mozzart Bet account. Participants are announced once per week and allowed to comment only once as Mozzart Bet stops accepting comments as soon as the first Tucheze game event starts.

Mozzart Bet bonus review conclusion

Mozzart’s bonuses and promotions are not fixed. As some are seasonal such as the “COMMENT TO WIN AN ENGLAND FOOTBALL JERSEY” offer which ended in July 2018. However, their offers are really engaging and amusing to newbie and pro punters. Therefore their strategy of having bonuses based on the most featured world and local events ensure that the bookmaker keeps the right trend in the current betting industry.