27 Nov, 2018


Chezacash Bonus kibao program offers punters multiple opportunities to win bonuses on different categories depending on the participant’s stage of play.

Chezacash Karibu Bonus

The Chezacash Karibu bonus offer is available for all Chezacash new users.

Upon registration, the user is expected to make a minimum deposit of Ksh.250 in order for them to take part in the Chezacash Karibu bonus program. The punter should stake a minimum of Ksh.200/= on a SINGLE BET of 2.5 odds or a MULTIBET of at least 5 games using minimum odds of 2.0 per game. The maximum bonus payout for the Chezacash Karibu bonus offer is Ksh.10000 and the bonus is valid only for 30 days.

Chezacash Deposit Bonus

This bonus offer is available for all Chezacash users provided one makes a deposit amounting to Ksh.200 into their Chezacash account.

One should place a multi bet of five games with each selection having a minimum odd of 1.5 in order to qualify for the Chezacash Deposit Bonus. Chezacash Deposit Bonus offer enables participants to win a free bet which is valid for 30 days.

Chezacash Bet Sare bonus

The Chezacash Bet Sare bonus offer allows users to earn a free bet worthy Ksh.75 after placing five bets at Ksh.50 having a minimum odd of 2.5 per game. This bonus offer expires in thirty days and allows a maximum payout of Ksh.10000.

Chezacash Multibet Extra cash bonus

Chezacash Multibet Extra cash bonus gives punters an opportunity to earn extra cash when they place multi bets and also receive their stake back in case of losing the BET.

The selected games in the multiple bet slip ought to have a minimum odd of 1.6 per selection. Bettors are allowed to place multi bets of up to Ksh.20000 stake and a maximum possible win amount of one million Kenya shillings is allowed.

Chezacash Vuta Friend bonus

This is a referral program allowing Chezacash users to invite their friends and earn bonus cash amounting to Ksh.30.

For the referee to earn the bonus, the referred friend must place a bet with a minimum stake of Ksh.30 within the first 72 hours prior to registration.

The earned bonus amount ought to be used in placing a multi bet of at least five games each with a minimum odd of 1.5. To take part in the Chezacash Vuta Friend bonus promotion and attain the bonus, one has to SMS WIN#0722XXXXXX, Where WIN is the registration command, # is the separator and 0722 XXXXXX is the recommended friend's number.

Chezacash bonus review conclusion

Chezacash offers several bonuses however their offers are not very outstanding. Based on their terms and conditions as well as benefits to be ripped from these bonuses, the offers may not be enticing enough for average and pro punters. However, regardless of the limitation on Chezacash bonuses, the offers are still helping the bookmaker in rocking the market considering that most of Kenya’s bookmakers do not offer any bonuses.

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