How to win money with matched betting

How to win money with matched betting

02 Oct, 2018

Matched betting is a special technique thatallows you to guarantee a profit from the many promotions offered by booking companies. After registration a lot of bookies offer a deposit bonus on your first deposit or free bet,( usually it works to attract a new clients). But there is a chance to lose your bonus if your bets will not be succesful. Matched betting helps you to avoid this problems. The key advantage of this type of betting is that it is 100% risk free and profits are guaranteed. At first it seems difficult to use, but don't let this to put you off.


  1. Matched betting! How it works   
  2. Guide! How to make money with Matched Betting
  3. Advantages of Matched Betting
  4. Conclusion

Matched Betting ! How it works?!

A few facts that you need to understand before making money from Matched Betting.

1.Free Bet

Free bet it's a promotion that gives you a chance to place a bet by using money, provided by the bookie. It's a favorite offer of the players because anyway you win.

2.Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus usually works for the beginners. It's a certain amount of money, percentage of your first deposit that a bookie gives you after your registration on its platform. The conditions of Deposit Bonus are different, carefully study them

3.Betting Exchange

Betting exchange is differ from the standart betting sites. It has special features that allows you to place bets against othe punters. The odds often better than those offered by traditional bookies. Betting exchange allows you to place both a beack bet as well as a lay bet, when on standart platform you can use only the form of back bet.

4. Back Bet

It's a traditional form of a bet that you can find on the ecery standart betting platform. When you are placing a bet at the bookmaker's site you are are always placing a back bet. It's a normal type of betting . For example you bet England to win for $10 at odds of 10-1. In the case of winning you win $100 in profit. That's a the type of normal bet.

5. Lay Bet

Bookies call it the special type of bet. In this case all works in other way. You place a bet for something not to happen in other words you bet against an outcome. For example you bet on Barcelona to lose The Premier League, you will win your bet if anyone except Barcelona wins the title. This scheme is similar to bookmaker's sheme. You act like them, you are betting against other users.

Guide! How to make money with Matched Betting

  1. First of all we need to create a Betting Exchange account.
    You need to choose a Betting Exchange Platform to have an opportunity to place a lay bets.
  2. Register on the platform and get free bet or deposit bonuses.
    Nowadays a lot of bookies offer free bets and deposit bonuses. We offer you list of 8 bookies with such offers. 
  1. Find and place a bet that you like
    First of all make sure you look carefully at all the conditions and terms for the suggestion you have chosen. Now it's the turn to find a football match that has nearly close odds on the platform where you are placing the Back Bet as well as on Betfair( we will look at the example of the bookie Betfair)

From the image we can see that we backed Liverpool to win on the Bookie at an odd of 2.25, at the same time we placed a lay bet on Betfair platform at an odd of 2.36. This is how Matched Bet works. We have bet at all outcomes with the two bets.

  1. Withdraw your money
    You are 100% guaranteed to make a profit. Remember that your profit will depend on the number of Free bets or Bonuses that a bookie gives you. That's why it's too important to choose the bookie with the best offers.

Advantages of Matched Betting

  • You don't lose your money

  • You don't worry about opposing teams

  • You maximize profits through matched betting

  • It's simple to match bet

  • You earn money very fast

  • You can utilize free bets through match betting


Matched Betting is a scheme of using bookies' free bets and other offers to make guaranteed profit, most of all because you are betting against other people. The main advantage is that you can win money without any risk. This guide shows you a simple explanation ODF matched betting. Make bets and Win! Good Luck!