31 May, 2018

Felix is a student from Masadomina who won a smartphone on, an online betting platform where anyone can wager for free and get real prizes. Sarah Mutanu, a blogger at likebets got an opportunity to interview him so that he could tell us his story. Below is a transcript of that interview.



SARAH: So with me, today, is Felix who won some gifts from likebets, he seems a very happy guy, uh so Felix um. Felix, where do you study?
FELIX: Masadomina.

SARAH: You study in Masadomina where is Masadomina?
FELIX: Masadomina is in Kakamega county.

SARAH: So, how did you find out about likebets?
FELIX: Actually, I found likebets when I was just scrolling on Facebook, I got curious then I clicked on it to see. I registered myself on the site via Facebook and they offered me a storable bonus of 5000 betcoins. SARAH: Oh so you received 5000 bet coins, tell us about the moment you won how did you feel when you won?
FELIX: Actually, I was very happy about it.

SARAH: What motivated you to join likebets, what gave you the moral to join the platform?
FELIX: I was a bit curious during the first moment I accessed the platform. So, when I discovered there are gifts, I joined and started betting for free. The first time I won a big amount of those betcoins, I can't remember the exact amount of betcoins it was, I went to their shop and it was enough to buy me a flash drive so I bought it. A few days later I again bought a smartphone, the Redmi Xiaomi 4A and they wrote me and told me that they are going to deliver the items by the post, and I was very happy!

SARAH: So tell me, will you continue playing on likebets?
FELIX: Yeah, I am still continuing.

SARAH: Ok um, can you give some tips to some of our players, I mean how should they wager so that they can also be able to win like you? what can you tell other players in the game?
FELIX: It's about commitment and picking correctly. They should pick wisely and bet smartly.

SARAH: How long have you been playing on likebets?
FELIX: About 2 month now.

SARAH: 2 month so what improvements would you like to see on the project likebets?
FELIX: Actually the prizes, they should increase the verity of the prizes available on the shop.

SARAH: So Felix, can you tell us how long it took for you to received the gift you won?
FELIX: It was about a month.

SARAH: But you did receive all your gifts?
FELIX: Yeah I did.

SARAH: You said you are from mass uni?
FELIX: Yeah.

SARAH: Are they any other in your uni that are also playing with on likebets or will you encourage some of your mates to join likebets? Not only your mates but other Kenyan as well?
FELIX: Yeah, I encourage Kenyan to join likebets because their prizes are real. I even found some of my friends already playing on the platform.

SARAH: Ok thank you so much, Felix, for this and we hope you will continue playing on likebets and we always encourage you to invite your friend’s over to play with us. Whenever you have winnings, please do share with us so that we could encourage to join us. Thank you!