08 Oct, 2018


In this topic, we will tell you what a betting fork is, where to find them and how to make money.

Forks is a situation in which you bet on 2 or more possible outcomes in such a way that you win regardless of the result of the match.

The simplest type of forks are double forks. Two opposite outcomes take part in them, if one bet loses, the second will win.

Let's give an example:

W1-W2 - bet on the winner (for example, in tennis).

TU2.5-TO2.5 - the number of goals in the mast.

H1 (-1.5) -H2 (+1.5) - handicap on goals.

If you bet on both such outcomes, then in any case you win. But, why no one puts on such events in one office?

Why do arbitration situations arise?

It's all about competition. There are a huge number of offices in the betting market, and to survive in this market, bookmakers offer odds that are significantly different from those offered by competitors. Sometimes the bookmakers simply do not have time to keep track of each other, because of which the difference between their coefficients appears. Also there are mistakes of bookmakers themselves, which lead to incorrect calculation of coefficients.

Therefore, due to the difference in coefficients, such situations arise, putting on 2 opposite events you will always be in profit.

Examples of arbitration fork:

There is a large amount of fork search resources on the Internet, we have chosen

Below you see the Australian Basketball Match


The screenshot shows the difference of the coefficients and the percentage from this fork, it is located in the upper left corner and is 0, 98%. That is, your profit in any case will be almost 1%.

Where to find forks?

There are many resources on the Internet where you can see the forks. Also there are paid closed publics where they spread the most generous mistakes of the bookmaker. Register and send them money - only your choice.

You can also search forks manually, the percentage of the rate does not increase much, and you will spend a lot of time. The calculator of forks will help you save time, it looks like this:

The calculator will show you at what coefficients and how much money you need to put in order to get profit. Only double forks are shown here. There are also triple, quarter and so on. The type of fork does not depend on the level of your income, remember this!


Our advice

Playing forks in BO implies a large game bank. In order to remain in a good plus, sometimes you need to make two big bets on opposing events. In no case can you borrow money for a strategy game, as we will see later that it may also be losing for you.


Be careful!

So We told about the forks, what it is, where to find them and how to bet, now let’s warn you about how bookmakers are struggling with players.

In the era of technology development to deal with this kind of profit is very problematic. Bookmaker unprofitable constantly pay you money, agree. They found ways to identify dishonest players. For example, they can reduce the maximum amount of your bet to 1 dollar, and you can’t bet. Also, many offices require verification of your data. If you are suspicious, the bookmaker will ask you to send your passport data, a photo where you are holding your passport, an extract from your bank account, a photo of your driver's license and so on. Be careful! Sometimes the bookmaker himself creates an arbitration situation just to catch you in trap.



This type of earnings will require a clear understanding, effort and time. Try not to be greedy so as not to get caught. Be patient and profit will not take long!